I joined Regis University as a ranked full-time faculty member in January, 2011. I am an associate professor in the College of Computer & Information Sciences. For many years I was the program coordinator for the MS in Database Technologies (DBT) and MS in Software Engineering and Database Technologies (SEDT) programs. I am now a program coordinator for the MS in Data Science - Specialization in Data Engineering (DE). This means I'm currently coordinating the course content and the development of the courses for the new Specialization in DE. Prior to accepting this position with Regis as a full-time professor, I was employed by various Fortune 500 companies for 25 years as a Data Architect, DBA, Manager and Software Engineer. In addition to Data Engineering, my research interests include Blockchain. I recently completed BTA courses on Hyperledger Fabric Developer using Composer and a course on Blockchain and IOT. I highly recommend the book "Blockchain in Healthcare (2019)" by Metcalf and associates.