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Regis University students in classroom for MA in Teacher Leadership program.
Teacher leaders have the power to influence and change the educational landscape through modeling effective practice, shaping school culture, and supporting collaborative team structures.

Education: Teacher Leadership

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Master of Arts in Education: Teacher Leadership candidates learn skills and techniques including advocacy and outreach, negotiating change processes, peer evaluation, understanding collaboration paradigms, and using data to improve instruction. The program expands the candidate’s professional knowledge and will optimize the ability to serve in a variety of teacher leadership roles in and beyond the classroom.

The Teacher Leadership Academic Certificate is for emerging teacher leaders looking to expand their circle of influence and for those in leadership roles. Guided by the National Teacher Leadership Model Standards and the Colorado Quality Teacher standards, the certificate provides a strong foundation to address school reform measures. The Academic Certificate may be completed independently, and is noted on the transcript.

Program Requirements

Listed below are the degree requirements for completion of the M.A. in Education: Teacher Leadership. Please note that recent course requirement updates might not be listed and you should contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 303.458.4126.

Teacher Leadership Academic Certificate (12 semester hours)
MAE 640I Leading Professional Learning (3 SH)
MAE 640J Leading and Supporting Collaborative Cultures (3 SH)
MAE 640K Leadership for Inclusion and Equity (3 SH)
MAE 640L Leading with Data in Mind (3 SH)
Master of Arts in Education: Teacher Leadership (32 semester hours)
All courses listed above, plus:
MAE 640F Leading Instruction and Reflective Practice (3 SH)
MAE 640M Teacher Leadership Practicum (3 SH)
MAE 614 Action Research: Foundations (3 SH)
MAE 616 Action Research: Application (Pre-req. MAE 614) (2 SH)
MAE 621 Curriculum Evaluation Theory and Application (3 SH)
MAE 610 Connecting Beliefs, Theory and Practice (3 SH)
MAE 699A Culminating Academic Program Review (0 SH)

How to Apply

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