James Ponzi, D.B.A., is the Chair of Criminology and an Associate Professor at Regis University, College of Contemporary Liberal Studies. Jim is an Army Vietnam veteran and a retired police lieutenant who served with the Denver Police Department for 35 years. He’s been at Regis for 13 years and has taught many “track” classes among both undergraduate and graduate levels in the criminology program, to include Family Violence, Homeland Security, Criminal Profiling, Cyber-criminology, and Interorganizational Communication.  Dr. Ponzi has Bachelors’ Degrees in English and Psychology from the University of Colorado; a Master’s Degree in Applied Communication from Denver University; and a Doctorate with a specialty in Homeland Security Policy and Management from NorthCentral University. 

Dr. Ponzi made major presentations in 2007 for a National Police Labor Conference at Harvard Law School, and another in Quebec City, Canada for the Canadian Police Association’s International Labor Conference.  James has written articles published nationally in American Police Beat and in other police media, made presentations on digital forensics and cybercrime, and done numerous guest spots on TV and radio.  In addition, he has written and developed many courses at Regis, including courses in Homeland Security, Criminal Profiling, Cybercrime, Mediation and Negotiation. 

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