Marnia Pickens is a full-time Philosophy Lecturer in the College of Contemporary Liberal Studies at Regis. She received her master's degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder, focusing on philosophy in late antiquity. Marnia previously lived in New York City and has played music professionally for over 20 years. Her discography stretches from Ronnie Spector and the stages of Broadway to The Ramones and the mosh pit of CBGB. Marnia has spent the last several years co-developing and teaching classes aimed at bringing philosophy to life in the modern classroom. For the last five years, she has co-hosted a popular Philosophy and Film series in Boulder, CO in which academics, students, and the general public come together bi-annually to view and then analyze the philosophical content of various films. Marnia's current writing and research focuses on the Philosophy of Popular Culture and Rock and Roll as Philosophical Discourse.