Max Sotak is a Christian philosopher and theologian who views his life in terms of a number of related vocations.  As a bi-vocational minister during the first half of his career, Max pursued a religious vocation while pursuing occupations in business, information technology, and college teaching.  For the last twenty years, Max has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of programming, information systems, philosophy, religious studies, and Christian thought.  With over a decade of experience as an operations Dean at Regis, Max has supported the College of Professional Studies and in the College of Contemporary Liberal Studies by overseeing academic advising, retention, course management, and several other areas of academic administration.  Administrative responsibilities have not displaced Max’s academic pursuits, which include the publication of five books on the subjects of Christian philosophy, apologetics, and theology.  With nine degrees spanning the subjects of philosophy, information systems, humanities, business, ministry, psychology, adult education, and church and dogma history, Max is grateful to have had opportunity for a life of study and service to those in the academy who love learning.

Curriculum Vitae