What is the Regis experience?

It’s a Jesuit education that challenges people to think, do and be more.

It’s a lifestyle that doesn’t settle for average, that pushes beyond expectations.

Simply put – it’s who we are, what we do and how we live.

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Don't just sit there.

The photo on your right is about the only time Will Gohl just sat there. And that’s because we asked nicely. Will was involved in just about everything in his time at Regis. Here’s a sampling: student body president, teacher’s assistant, peer minister, retreat leader, tutor for inner-city students, intramural dodge ball player and all-around smart guy. He graduated with honors in 2010.

In his senior year, Will was one of 83 students worldwide to receive a Rhodes Scholarship. That honor sent him to the University of Oxford where he spent two years studying jurisprudence. In the fall he will start law school, where he hopes to pursue a legal career that serves the public sector.

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Some things can’t be taught in a lecture hall.

Ask any physical therapy student who has participated in Regis’ Ethiopia Intercultural Service Learning Program. This four-week experience puts physical therapy students on the ground in a global classroom. They sharpen their skills through actual clinical practice, working side by side with Ethiopian physical therapists, and learn about the state of health care in an international context.

Prior to departing, students participate in an intensive global health elective that sets the stage for their journey. Once on the ground, students see Ethiopia with their own eyes and hear the stories of its people. This real-life experience animates their education in a way that simply cannot be replicated in a classroom.

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Diplomas don’t change the world. People do.

Christine Márquez-Hudson describes herself as “a humble representative of a much larger group of amazing people.” Her work in the community speaks more highly of her.

As the CEO of Mi Casa Resource Center, an organization committed to the personal and professional development of Colorado’s Latino community, she has gone above and beyond; so much so that she was named the 2013 9NEWS Leader of the Year.

Christine graduated in 2000 and she uses the leadership skills she gained at Regis to make an impact. “Mi Casa is part of a network working collaboratively to ensure that Colorado has the means necessary to ensure Latinos – the fastest-growing population in our state – are properly educated and ready for the workforce,” Christine said. “This is necessary if all of Colorado is to prosper.”

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Intelligence is bliss.

In Regis’ classrooms, students are driven to direct their intellect and curiosity toward something meaningful, and no more so than among the Honors Program community.

Here, students are challenged academically, personally and emotionally. The challenges are handed to them by faculty who engage them in core courses that explore material in greater breadth and depth, and interdisciplinary seminars built around large, timeless questions and themes. They are guided by Jesuit tradition that urges them to learn, question, act, repeat. But they are challenged, too, by each other. They flourish among the vibrant community they create – one made up of individuals who share a rich sense that the world has great need and is asking something of them.

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