During that Robert Carmosino will never forget Feb. 26, 2012.  

That day the fire captain with the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority fell 20 feet backwards at a house fire. When he landed on his feet, he was sure it was divine intervention.  

He didn’t mention the fall to his family, so when days later human resources called, he had some explaining to do.  

“My wife was not very happy,” he said.  

Within a few days he told his oldest daughter how important college was. How it was always something that would help her in life. Carmosino had started a public safety administration degree but had never finished it. His daughter asked if he had.    

“I had to tell her no,” he said. “My whole life I’d been telling my kids to put their money where their mouth is. I’d been telling them ‘you need to finish what you start.’”  

His daughter’s questions followed on the heels of the roof fall. Carmosino decided it was a divine nudge to go back into college.  

So he did. He started taking online classes at Regis and finally, in December 2018, Carmosino graduated with his bachelor’s degree, some seven years after he started.  

“I’m a religious man,” he said. “Falling off the roof opened my eyes that day. It was my one Get Out of Jail Free card. I started looking at things differently.” 

School wasn’t easy. Every weekend Carmosino attended his daughter’s volleyball tournaments then spent hours reading and writing papers.  

He knew he needed to finish his classwork, though. He grew up in a family of service. Both his parents were police officers and he has countless family members who are firefighters.  

Carmosino joined the Wheat Ridge Fire Department out of high school. He finished his on-and-off-again university studies at Regis to show his children that he, too, could finish what he started. He also earned the public administration degree for himself.  

“I wanted my family to know to not quit,” he said. “That was a long journey. It took seven years to get that completed. I don’t even know what words to express my gratitude and gratefulness. It’s been absolutely unbelievable. I’m filled with pride.”