Regis University's First Celebration of Student Learning Showcases Assessing, Improving Student Learning Process

Donnie VeaseyDecember 20, 2012

Regis University’s first Celebration of Student Learning produced a number of highlights including a wealth of exceptional student presentations and extensive faculty, staff and community partner participation. And although no decisions have been made about the future of the event, the individual orchestrating the initial event remains optimistic.

“This was a proof-of-concept event and I am busily still evaluating whether it was successful enough to replicate next year or next semester,” said Ken Sagendorf, director of the Regis University Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL). “The good news is that we already have requests for students to present and faculty are talking to each other about their classes and assignments.”

According to Sagendorf, among the highlights of the three-day event were: nearly 200 people attended; 17 courses presented on student learning; 13 different types of student learning products were presented; 59 students presented work; and 34 faculty, staff, and community partners assisted in the event (related to academic courses and/or experiences).

Among the 13 student learning ‘products’ highlighted at the celebration included posters, research essays, service learning projects, online reflection blogs, books - both print and audio, marketing plans, digital stories, PowerPoint presentations, musical compositions, debates, online games, opportunity assessments for proposed business ideas, and short films.

Students were also recognized via a student learning high vote getters competition. The winners and their categories included: Poster Category -- Joshua Gallegos and Macedonia Mejia, Jamie Keller; Opportunity Assessment Category -- Steve Sheehan; Online Blog Category -- Meg Dunlop; Research Essay Category -- Emily McNellen; PowerPoint Presentation Category -- Jennie Brozena; Prezi Presentation Category -- Trish Combs; and Short Film Category -- Ian Helm. 

The event is the brain child of Sagendorf, who for the past year has been leading the CETL in its efforts to partner with and support Regis University faculty and staff to improve student learning. Sagendorf, who earned a Doctor of Philosophy in College Science Teaching at Syracuse University, was previously director for faculty development at the U. S. Air Force Academy’s Directorate of Education/Center for Educational Excellence.

“An event like this exposes faculty to new potential ways of assessing student learning,” Sagendorf said. “It allows students to see what learning takes place in different classes and make informed decisions about their own coursework. And it has the potential to build community within by allowing faculty to see how their colleagues may approach teaching and learning in different ways.”

For more information, contact Sagendorf at or 303-964-6469.