‘Destination Regis’ - Regis University launches new website

Donnie VeaseyJanuary 11, 2013

Regis University will launch a new website (www-regis.edu) on Jan. 14 that offers a visual feast of imagery, enhanced ease-of-use, a host of new features, and a strong focus on content delivery.

The University will share the new website with its internal community at a special launch party in the St. Peter Claver, S.J., Hall Mountain View Room.

“Supported by a new content management system, Sitecore, the new website marks the next step in a natural evolution for Regis University as a leader in education in the 21st century,” said Patricia Ladewig, provost of Regis University.  “After a two-year journey, we have reached a remarkable milestone.”

For the past two years, Kim Frisch, director of Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions admissions and student operations, has served as regis.edu project lead, guiding a team of about 60 Regis University and Primacy representatives in planning, orchestrating and implementing the new website. Anne Edmondson, associate director of web marketing in the University’s Brand Marketing department, had the responsibility of leading the web marketing team. Primacy (formerly Acsys Interactive) is an award-winning, independent agency known for creating digital experiences with meaningful impact.

Positioned as “Destination Regis,” the site reflects the team’s single-minded branded messaging that Regis University is THE go-to destination representing a unique life-long learning experience, both in the classroom and beyond.  Frisch is confident Destination Regis achieves that goal.

“Ultimately, the strategy, design, functionality and user experience come together to meet University objectives, particularly with prospective students,” Frisch said. “Our new site enables us to tell our story in a manner that is authentic and differentiating from peer institutions.”

“We set out to transform the Regis digital platform, empowering the Regis team to have a new site that is at once informational, experiential and transactional,”  said Jeff Johnson, vice president and education practice lead for Primacy.  “The ultimate goal is to achieve measurable results around admission, advancement and academic reputation objectives.”

Frisch noted that among the enhanced features of the new  website are: Program Finder-Enables (prospective) students to search for programs across all colleges based on their status, criteria and interest; Social Hashboard - Pulls real-time feeds from social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) into one aggregated destination; Search - Enhanced search incorporates filters to refine the users search by specific criteria; Program Listings Pages - Sorts programs by college and alphabetically with visual cues for degree and format type; Audience gateways - The home page and main college pages include an “audience feature area” allowing specific audiences to get key information most relevant to them; and Regis Facts delivered via Regis Right Now module throughout the website helping audiences to discover interesting aspects of Regis via short and memorable “sound bites.”

The two-year process involved a thorough discovery and strategy phase that included a comprehensive review of the University’s target audiences, business objectives, competitive landscape and brand attributes. The discovery process included internal and external research as well as sessions with more than 125 key stakeholders from around the Regis University community including all three colleges and Regis University President Fr. John P. Fitzgibbons, S.J., who was president-elect at that time.

According to Frisch, 1,800 people also participated as survey respondents.

Ladewig notes that the launch of the new website does not mean the process is complete.

“We will critically assess all aspects as the new website is used,” Ladewig said.  “We will continue to evolve the site based on this ongoing assessment. And, we will never lose sight of the fact that a powerful website can play an important role in helping us achieve our University-wide and College-specific strategic initiatives.”

To view the new Regis University Web site visit www.regis.edu.

(Donnie Veasey is the Director of Media Relations in the University Advancement Department of Communications.)