Regis University’s Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal publishes second edition

Donnie VeaseyJune 13, 2013

(DENVER) – “What Does Having a Pope Who Was Formed as a Jesuit Mean for Jesuit Universities?”

That’s the title of one of 13 scholarly selections featured in the second edition of Regis University’s Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal.  The Journal, an online biannual scholarly publication designed to advance the creation, collection and dissemination of works pertaining to reaching and learning in the Jesuit tradition, is now available to readers at

Regis University publishes, via an open access online system, and sponsors the journal.  Marie Friedemann, associate dean of the University’s College for Professional Studies, serves as journal general editor.

Friedeman notes that the online Jesuit higher education journal includes peer reviewed articles, reports, interviews, reviews and other communications pertaining to this field of inquiry as well as offer annotations of and links to online Jesuit-based educational resources.  

In addition to the piece on The Pope, authored by Julia Brumbaugh, assistant professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Regis University and an alumna of Seattle University and Fordham University, the second edition includes 13 submissions with authors representing such institutions as Gonzaga University, University of San Francisco, Loyola Marymount University, Seattle University, Canisius College, Xavier University and Regis University.  She adds that eight of the 13 submissions are authored by scholars other than those at Regis University.

Friedemann invites scholars within the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities and from around the world to submit articles for peer review, a best practices report or other scholarly contribution to the Journal.  Contributions to the Journal should be submitted to Friedemann, general editor, at

For more information about Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal visit.

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