Dennis Gallagher, RC’61, receives national award

Hannah Breece, RC ’14May 09, 2013

(DENVER) -- The Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) recently awarded the 2012 Silver Knighton Award for best performance audit for a large shop to Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher’s Office—the first time that Denver has been recognized in the Award’s 16-year history.            Gallagher, a Regis University professor emeritus and 1961 Regis College graduate, credits his Audit Services teams with the “exemplary work they are doing, work that is reflected in this award.” 

The Auditor’s Office accepted the award on May 6 in Nashville, TN, during the ALGA’s National Conference.  The annual award recognizes excellence in auditing services and motivates constant improvement in those services across the nation in large-, medium-, and small-sized auditor’s shops.

The award-winning audit was on the Denver Police Department’s Records Management System.  It discovered data storage and loss concerns in the system which it was able to report immediately, and which the police department was able to resolve before the audit process itself was even finished.  The report was recognized for its efficiency and effectiveness in calling attention to a problem which was then quickly resolved according to its recommendations.