Former Gov. Ritter to present report on plan for clean energy

February 17, 2014

Former Governor Bill Ritter says President Obama can move on his plan to curb global climate change and he doesn’t need congressional approval to do it. Ritter will appear at Regis University on Thursday, Feb. 20, to discuss a report recently delivered to the White House that offers scores of ideas on how the Obama administration can move the nation closer to a clean energy economy and reduce America’s carbon emissions over the next three years.

Ritter, now director of the Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University, will present “Powering Forward,” a report he describes as a “comprehensive menu of options” for the President that was developed over eight months with the help of more than 100 CEOs, energy experts, academicians and other thought leaders. Ritter briefed members of the President’s Cabinet and senior policy staff members on the report’s findings last month. His presentation to the Regis community will get underway at 11 a.m. in Clarke Hall, room 136.

Regis University is committed to sustainability and strives to bring awareness and education to students, faculty and the community at large to understand that choices made today have an impact on the future. The University’s efforts are aimed at inspiring a culture that is environmentally conscious, as well as one that fosters stewardship for our natural world.


Cindy Matthews
Communications Director