Regis University to Host Final Presidential Debate Watch and Discussion with Panel of Expert Journalists

October 10, 2016

DENVER --- Regis University and the producers of the nonpartisan public affairs program, “The Aaron Harber Show TM” and its special election series, “Your Decision 2016 TM” ( announced a joint project to engage all Colorado citizens in the 2016 General Election.  The broadcast series is the only one in Colorado offering in-depth debate and discussion programs of an hour or more on the State’s major ballot issues.

The project will include two key components: (1) making the programs produced for Your Decision 2016 more available to voters and (2) producing a public Debate Watch event for the final Presidential Debate which will offer the public the opportunity to discuss the most salient issues of the campaign as well as analyze the outcome of the October 19th debate via an open forum and a live streaming.

The live streaming will be carried by Regis but also will be made available to all members of the Colorado Broadcasters Association.  CBA President Justin Sasso said, “We’re very pleased to work with Aaron and his team as well as Regis University to bring this nonpartisan public affairs educational opportunity to Colorado television and radio stations across the state right at such a crucial juncture in the election cycle when citizens are receiving their ballots.”

John Hickey, Regis University Associate Dean and Chair of the Communications Department, explained, “This is a wonderful opportunity for Colorado citizens to hear from and interact with some of the best-known and most insightful journalists in our state.  We are especially grateful to have someone of Aaron’s caliber --- who is known for his balanced and effective moderating skills in challenging debate situations --- leading this effort.”

Moderator Aaron Harber stated, “We’re delighted to work with Dean Hickey and everyone at Regis University to bring this opportunity to as many people as possible.  By live-streaming the event, Regis is making this as accessible as possible to millions of Coloradans.  I’m also honored by the incredible line-up of journalists that we have on our two panels.”  The following are participating as panelists in the event:

  • Award-winning investigative reporter & former Denver news anchor Tamara Banks
  • Editor of The Denver Post, Lee Ann Colacioppo
  • KNUS Radio Host and Colorado Christian University Professor Krista Kafer
  • blogger and former Rocky Mountain News Media Critic Jason Salzman

The schedule for the event, which will be held in the Mountain View Room of Peter Claver Hall at Regis University, 3333 Regis Boulevard, Denver, CO 80221. The schedule for the event is detailed below:

5:30 pm –  Doors open with time for journalists to informally interact with audience, including students, faculty & staff.

5:45 pm –  Introductions and explanation of audience involvement procedure for broadcast purposes.

6:00 pm –  Panel with journalists addressing questions regarding media coverage of the debates to date.

7:00 pm –  Presidential Debate viewing with real-time live tweeting of debate.

8:30 pm –  Follow-up discussion with journalists giving their insights and answering audience questions. 

Hickey concluded, “Regis University also will be focused on making the programs produced for “Your Decision 2016 TM” available to as many Coloradans as possible.  The television series is the only one in the entire state devoting an hour or more to Colorado’s major ballot issues so we know it’s important to make certain voters have the opportunity to view these in-depth discussions before they cast their ballots.”