Sociology professor to teach in Croatia starting in 2018

April 19, 2017

Associate Professor Damla Isik became the third member of Regis University this year to be named a Fulbright Scholar.

Isik, an associate professor in Regis College’s Sociology department, will teach at the University of Zadar in Croatian beginning in February or March of 2018.

Isik, who is originally from Turkey, has a vast background in women’s issues in the Middle East. At the University of Zadar, she’ll teach classes on that, as well as how aid and nonprofit contributions are distributed to refugees.

An anthropologist by trade, Isik’s vast background has led her to teach an array of classes at Regis. In addition to her studies on the Middle East, Isik teaches undergraduate courses on animal rights and anime, among others.

Although she hasn’t started to develop the curriculum for Croatia — she’ll first travel back to Turkey in May — Isik imagines it will be similar to her classes at Regis’ Northwest Denver campus.

“There are a lot of stereotypes and assumptions about women’s lives in the Middle East,” she said. “That they are victims of men and that women in the Middle East are victimized and covered up. You start to figure out that’s not the case with all people. It’s a complicated space. There are problems and issues but I like to look at context. I don’t like stick figures. I like to contextualize things for students. They don’t live lives different than you. They have issues but they have hobbies and lives like we do.”

Isik is the 12th overall Fulbright Scholar from Regis University. College of Business and Economics Affiliate Faculty Bobbi Ewelt was awarded one earlier this year to teach in Peru. Dean of the Dayton Memorial Library Janet Lee also was awarded one and will teach in Ethiopia in the spring.


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