Lee's Fulbright Lands Her in Ethiopia

April 05, 2017

Regis University Dean of the Dayton Memorial Library Janet Lee has been named a Fulbright Scholar, a prestigious honor that will enable her to focus on open access publishing in Ethiopia.

Lee will travel to Ethiopia in September for two semesters where she will partner with the University of Aksum. She will explore avenues of scholarly publishing in Ethiopia that will give voice to the unheard, sharing their knowledge, perspectives and values.

With her vast knowledge of library skills, Lee will provide training to the university and the public library. She will also conduct children’s book publishing training with an emphasis on open access and first language materials.

“Putting attractive, well-written books in local languages in the hands of young children is a reward in itself,” she said.

The work has long been a part of her passion. She previously served as a Peace Corps volunteer and helped create a small school library in Ethiopia from 1974-76.

She has returned to the same region multiple times. While on sabbatical in 2010, she helped establish a library in northern Ethiopia.

Lee is the 12th overall Fulbright Scholar from Regis University, and the third this year. College of Business and Economics Affiliate Faculty Bobbi Ewelt was awarded one earlier this year to teach in Peru. Assistant Professor of Anthropology Damla Isik was also awarded one and will teach in Croatia in the spring. 


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