Popular spring guest speaker series looks at lessons from war

January 13, 2017

Regis University launches its popular “Stories from Wartime” for students and the public on Jan. 24 with a three-week look at the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The presentations will be held each Tuesday at 6 p.m. through April 25 (with the exception of March 7 due to Spring Break) in room 212 of the Felix Pomponio Family Science Center on Regis University’s Northwest Denver Campus. It is free to the public.

Primarily a collection of panel discussions moderated by longtime radio personality Rick Crandall of KEZW-AM, guests share their personal stories with students and the public audience. The purpose is to grow individuals’ understanding of the complexities of war and widen attendees’ perspective of what ordinary people do in war, and what war does to them.

“Our overarching goal is to educate students and the public about the realities of war so they’ll make well-informed decisions when faced with sending our young men and women into modern war,” said historian Nate Matlock, director of the Center for the Study of War Experience, which sponsors the class.

Offered every spring since 1995, “Stories from Wartime” is both a public event and a class offered to Regis University undergraduates. For the public, no registration is required. Student registration for this popular class currently is full.

Matlock, who has been involved in “Stories from Wartime” for 13 of its 22 years, has made a few changes to this year’s curriculum: In addition to bringing in veterans of the Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Korean wars and World War II, Matlock has incorporated non-military voices into the storytelling experience. They include Iraqi and Afghan refugees (Feb. 7) and Vietnamese boat people and former soldiers of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (Feb. 28).

“We’re broadening the focus. We want to hear from more people who’ve been affected by some of these wars,” said Matlock. “It broadens the dialogue and everyone’s understanding of a particular conflict.”

Matlock also added several academic lectures to shore up attendees’ basic knowledge about each military conflict.

Regis University’s ‘Stories from Wartime’ 2017 Schedule

Jan. 24: History of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (lecture by Regis University historian Nate Matlock)

Jan. 31: First Panel on Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (Panelists include veterans of both wars)

Feb. 7: Second Panel on the War in Iraq and Afghanistan (Iraqi and Syrian refugees}

Feb. 14: History of War in Vietnam (lectures by Regis University historians Michael Chiang and Matlock)

Feb. 21: First Panel on the War in Vietnam (with Vietnam War veterans)

Feb. 28: Second Panel on the War in Vietnam (with Vietnam War boat people and former Army of the Republic of Vietnam soldiers)

March 7: Spring Break (no class)

March 14: History of the Korean War (lecture by professors Chiang and Matlock)

March 21: Panel on the Korean War (with Korean War veterans)

March 28: History of the War in the Pacific (lectures by Chiang and Matlock)

April 4: Multimedia and Oral History of the War in the Pacific (with World War II veterans)

April 11: History of the War in Europe (Guest lecture by Regis University historian Dan Clayton)

April 17: Multimedia and Oral History of the War in Europe (with World War II veterans)

April 25: Final Class (wrap up by Matlock)

[Please see www.regis.edu/warexperience for more class information and schedule details.]

The Center for the Study of War Experience, a nationally recognized repository of personal war narratives and testimonies, collects and preserves oral history interviews with veterans and civilians who have been involved with or changed by modern war. Interviews are videotaped and digitally preserved according to professional standards of the Oral History field. The collection also contains personal war effects donated by civilians and veterans, including official military documents, photographs, diaries, letters, newspaper and magazine collections, and commemorative items. For more information about “Stories from Wartime” or the Center, visit regis.edu/warexperience or call 303.964.6020.