'Disruptive' approach breaks the mold on traditional online program development

November 30, 2017

A longtime leader in online learning, Regis University’s online program development division has established a partnership to create public health courses for Loma Linda University, a renowned health sciences institution in Southern California.

Regis’ Higher Learning Partners (HLP) will provide the instructional design and technology, project management and other pertinent resources while Loma Linda will provide its own faculty to lead the online courses.

This novel agreement breaks from the traditional approach in which online program managers, known as OPMs, retain ownership of all intellectual property. It’s a lucrative industry with at least 36 companies offering virtual learning services worth more than $1.1 billion annually, according to the research firm Eduventures.

Regis, however, empowers its client universities to one day provide their own online coursework without Regis’ help by handing over ownership of all content, templates and plans.

Regis, which has its own extensive offerings of online degrees and certificates, expects Loma Linda to complete the partnership fully capable of running its own online public health courses.

“The work we do is disruptive of this industry, and it’s innovative,” said Thomas Gilhooly, executive director of HLP. “We want to teach our friends at other universities how to fish for themselves.

Additionally, as a Catholic university inspired by Jesuit principles that include being men and women serving others, Regis’ business interests differ from those of a for-profit OPM. It is Regis’ greatest selling point, according to DP Harris, Loma Linda’s chief information officer and vice president of information services.

“Higher Learning Partners is actually in business to help other universities be stronger. Most providers are in business to keep us coming back to buy more and more products from them,” Harris said. “Regis has been in the online game a long time, and now they’re putting their energies into helping others get into the game.”

Since 1986, Regis’ HLP has been helping like-minded higher education partners and corporations drive enrollment and revenue growth through quality curriculum and program development and enhanced student services. It allows Regis to share its values of academic excellence and collaboration, promote innovative strategies and help partners meet the changing needs of their students and employees in a highly competitive market. 

HLP currently provides 1,200 online courses to 70 client universities through its Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities. 

For more information about HLP, visit www.regis.edu/hlp

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