April 06, 2016

Adult student working at home

It’s a long-awaited vision of spring. A beautiful sight anticipated all winter long. Do we speak of the first colorful blush of mountain laurel? Nay. The vision we describe is none other than the IRS refund check.

As much as nature has tried, nothing she can offer is met with similar exhilaration. How can you make that feeling last? If you’re one who’s prone to fleeting temptations, you could splurge on:

  • Something gold-plated that shouldn’t be. A tape dispenser, for instance.
  • Another set of custom racing stripes for your Prius
  • Matching jewelry for you and your cat

Or, should your more ambitious head prevail, you could invest in your future. There are well documented benefits of hanging an advanced degree on your wall. And not just for your décor. It’s widely recognized that an advanced degree can open doors that lead to greater financial rewards, deeper satisfaction in your work and ongoing personal growth.

Plus, the money you spend on continuing your education is tax deductible. If you’d like an explanation penned by a government bureaucrat who was paid by the word, the IRS will exhaust your patience here.

So let’s embrace that one financial decision that promises endless possibilities. And create a future that’s full of promise. Talk to an admissions counselor today. Or start your application and be one step closer to a lasting return on your refund. There’s still plenty of space in our summer classes that begin in May; get a head start before classes get bigger in the fall.