April 26, 2016

Has the oversaturation of national observance days got your knickers in a twist? Are you at your wits end deciding whether to formally celebrate national bagel maker’s day, barbershop quartet appreciation month, or non-secular rodeo clown week?

Take solace in the fact that two of the aforementioned were completely fabricated by the author of this article. And then find comfort in a week of appreciation for the ever humble, but all too deserving, nurse.

If you’re a nurse, or a soon-to-be-nurse, May 6 to May 12 was your week in the spotlight. National Nurses Week, sponsored by the American Nurses Association (ANA), is an annual honor to your commitment to health care. If you’ve ever had doubts about your chosen, albeit demanding, profession – the late nights, long shifts, or your place in the proverbial pecking order – we hope you enjoyed a week celebrating all you do in the name of healing. The role you play in our health care system is indeed a vital one.

Consider National Nurses Week an opportunity to rejuvenate your mind and spirit and also say thanks to the nurses in your life. A friendly bit of acknowledgement and recognition can go a long way toward making a peer feel important, empowered and inspired. Even better, it’ll be reciprocal, with some positive encouragement heading in your direction too.

While you’re in the giving mood, think about giving yourself some extra special treatment by finally digging into that advanced nursing degree. It’ll make your career even more promising. After all, a potential promotion or pay raise pairs nicely with all those positive vibes you experienced during National Nurses Week. Speaking of positive vibes, you’ll be sure to experience plenty of those year round while collaborating with the nursing faculty at Regis University. They take pride in celebrating the nursing profession every single day.

Take a gander at the graduate and doctorate nursing programs at Regis. Then talk to an admissions counselor or start your application to put resounding emphasis on your annual nursing celebration. Go ahead, you deserve it.