April 06, 2016

Though the merry month of fools has passed, a good prank, like the mighty white pine, is always in season.

Take, for example, the time traveling twins. What possible reason could these youngsters have to commit such silliness? Only one word comes to mind: fun.

The health benefits of a good belly laugh are proven. Laughing, it seems, is universal. Laughter lives beyond culture, race, religion and age. No matter who you are or where you hang your stocking cap, putting pants on a beagle is something we can all enjoy. And, as it turns out, pranks can be good for the prankster, the casual observer and the one being pranked.

The world is quite serious these days. We all could use a lot more joy in our lives, if only for the briefest of moments. With a touch of creativity, spontaneity and mirth, you can easily shake things up around the home or office.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Blanket your office in Xeroxed pictures of a demure looking Yanni
  • Post flyers for a Wookie impersonation contest using your best friend’s phone number
  • Don’t forget the classic office telephone in a Jell-O mold

At Regis, we believe life is a classroom. It’s one of the reasons we encourage students to constantly question the status quo. A good prank can test the boundaries of reason and expectations and add an essential ingredient of fun into any day.

With a degree from Regis, you’ll get the ethical mindset to continuously question and challenge the way things are to help work towards a better world. And a world without silliness is not one in which we wish to live.

Interested in hearing more? Talk to an admissions counselor today. Or, simply start your application to get a daily dose of fun in your workday by loving what you do. To take advantage of smaller class sizes, consider our summer session that begins in May.