August 21, 2017

Picture this: A global network of data dancing through the stratosphere capable of building smarter cities, more efficient buildings and faster solutions for health care crises. For the trained data scientist, information can unlock the answers to almost anything (with the exception of what the Broncos are going to do without Peyton).

In their admirable quest to solve the world’s biggest problems, data scientists are making remarkable progress to aid humankind in ways you might not expect. Consider:

  1. Crisis Text Line is connecting texters with teens to help them handle some heavy teenage topics.
  2. Being prudent about pruning trees in New York City is saving millions of dollars.
  3. Making pizza delivery faster is answering the heartbreaking cry of starving college students everywhere asking, “Wherefore art my pizza?!?”

As an aspiring data scientist, you’re in the enviable position of getting to choose which earthly problems, big or small, are important to you. Both are valid and both require smart minds like yours. The tools required to become that change agent can be found right here at Regis University.

Whether you want to pursue your studies on our beautiful Denver, CO campus or online, we have options for you.  You’ll get a chance to really dig your hands into some solid data discovery with some really smart people. If you think you’re ready to build a better world through data, apply to our M.S. in Data Science program. Or better yet, talk to an admissions counselor today.