December 28, 2016

Short of slapping the two-fingered metal hands of Johnny 5, there unfortunately isn’t much we can do to stop the rise of artificial intelligence. The automobile industry is already seeing an increase of human layoffs with robot replacements. And it’s been theorized that over the next 10 years, most professions that require repetitive work will be substituted by our droid nemeses.

Drat. Anyone have Will Smith on speed dial?

Here’s the good news. Robots are unable to do some very basic things that human brains do naturally and beautifully – understand what they see, utilize common sense and think creatively.

This means human job security of the future will remain strong and significant in fields that require conceptualizers, thinkers, storytellers and poets.

We’re calling it “The Rise of the Writers” if you will. And we will… because we love epic headlines.

So how does one board the literary train early to ensure peace of mind in their imminent professional life? Our answer, of course, is with the best education.

Regis University’s Mile-High MFA is for writers who are ready to take their careers to the next level. This low-residency, two-year program lets you stay at your job and close to your family, but pushes you to make time for your passion. You’ll receive one-on-one instruction in your primary genre of choice: fiction (literary, young-adult, or fantasy), creative nonfiction, writing for performance, poetry, or the graphic novel.  

We’d like to see a droid do that.

Our unique focus combines a thorough instruction in the craft and business of writing with the practical application of your abilities as a writer in the world. In addition to the expert guidance, you’ll graduate the program with a manuscript, fully prepared to embark on a writing career.

Show those metal heads who’s boss. Learn more about the Mile-High MFA or apply today.

And please note that our cautionary tale of insurgence against the robots doesn’t mean you can’t do the robot. We still, very much, encourage dancing.