February 09, 2016

Aspen trees

Confession: I like the word “man,” and I like the word “cave.” But I’m not a fan of the term, “Man cave.”

Long before the man cave reared its musky head, many homes had what was known as the library. Or the study. These places were full of books, tasteful decor, and were ideal for quiet contemplation. Of course, those were very different times. The word “condo” didn’t exist. Nor did the wide-screen TV.

Nonetheless, it’s my hope that the man cave trend, like short shorts on men in the 80’s, will eventually come to an end. Here are a few suggestions that will hopefully hasten its demise – and enrich your path to fulfillment in the process.

  • Surround yourself with books. You’ll find intrigue in other people’s thoughts, and thrill in your own reaction to them.
  • Familiarize yourself with research articles like this one uncovering the ill effects of screen time on the psyche.
  • When someone boasts about a man cave, feel free to suggest that “It sounds like a dismal refuge from reality, and reeks of intellectual surrender."

Finally, consider taking your own intellectual and professional development beyond those four walls. Surround yourself with smart folks. Start your application to Regis University or talk to one of our admissions counselors.