January 19, 2016

Perhaps you’ve flirted with the temptation to work from home. Perhaps you’ve even indulged. You’d hardly be romancing that concept alone. Telecommuting has risen 79 percent between 2005 and 2012, with 30 million people working from a home office at least once per week.

If your company allows it, the allure of flexible scheduling is strong. But if you’ve got ambitious career goals, you may be hesitating about losing out on collaboration with coworkers, being the gal or guy that’s out of sight, out of mind, or how working remote could affect your next promotion.

So, can you telecommute without kissing career goals goodbye? Five ways to start:

  • Define your role. Keep in mind that responsibilities shift and overlap. You may miss water-cooler conversations about new opportunities or projects. Seek clarity to prevent your role from becoming ambiguous.
  • Check in regularly. Set a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with your boss to discuss your work. Focus on big-picture goals – your’s and the company’s – rather than diving into minutia.
  • Flaunt your accomplishments. Be a self-promoter without being a braggart. Highlight a big win with an email or a quick call. You won’t be stopping by her desk regularly, so you’ll need to make sure your manager knows about your successes.
  • Stick to a reliable schedule. If you’re working remote twice per week, make it the same two days. If you’re doing it daily, stick to the same working hours. Obviously things will come up, but consistency shows you’re reliable and not gaming the system.
  • Use FaceTime, but not at the expense of actual face time. Collaboration tools are great, but make a point to get to the office for important meetings, events and working sessions when it’d help to be present.

Working from home can work for career-minded people. You can enjoy the flexibility without putting a dent on your career path and even make the time to finally pursue that degree you’ve been dreaming about. After all, that sweet home office is perfect for online classes.

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