June 27, 2016


When the JCPenney summer circular hits your mailbox, this much is certain: vertical stripes are back. Also, temperatures are on the rise. It’s finally time to head back outdoors after a long hiatus glued to the couch.

But for some, nature isn’t merely a temporary excursion to beaches and BBQs when the weather is just right. It’s a workplace. It’s a sanctuary to be studied, understood and conserved for all to enjoy.

Environmental biologists and people who work for environmental organizations devote their careers to studying ecosystems and gauging the impact humans have on the environment. Their work is critical to protecting our wildlife and maintaining the fragile balance between humans and nature.

If you’ve dedicated your life’s work to the environment, or you’re considering such a move, first off, we thank you. We at Regis University promise to think of you every time we liberally apply sunscreen to our noses. When you’re ready to turn your career up a notch, we hope you’ll think of us in kind.

Our Master of Science in Environmental Biology is the perfect way to prepare for a leadership role. Let Colorado be your classroom, with hands-on fieldwork guiding you to the kind of experience employers are looking for. Better yet, it only takes 10 months to complete.

It lets you continue acting as protector of our nation’s parks, lakes and streams as you prepare to take your career to the next level. Starting is as easy as filling out your application or getting in touch with one of our friendly admissions counselors