June 27, 2016


Homebrewing manuals don’t normally include a chapter on how to say a proper goodbye. Which is a shame, since the inevitable truth, dear reader, is that when you choose to brew your own beer, you’re going to break up with your local liquor store. Your taste is too discerning; your fridge space too precious. Sure, you may be back for the occasional holiday bottle of wine, but your days roaming the beer aisle are fleeting.

Until, of course, you can one day find your own bottles on the shelves.

Should you choose to take the leap to brewing-for-a-living, or perhaps merely as a weekend hobby, may we suggest a helpful stepping-stone to make the journey easier? Regis University’s Certificate in Applied Craft Brewing is your ticket to break into the craft beer industry. It’s a one-year program that’ll refine your brewing skills and give you the knowledge to run a business. You’ll discuss microbial biology, but you’ll also focus on finances, marketing, brewing policies and regulations, and developing a business plan. 

Best of all, you’ll get to work at a brewery in Colorado for your internship, learning firsthand from experienced brewers who share your passion. 

If you want to make beer you love and get it into the hands of other people who will love it too, this is your opportunity. Space is extremely limited; so start your application right away. Or chat with one of our friendly admissions counselors whose knowledge of application deadlines and financial aid may actually eclipse your knowledge of wort and hops.