June 06, 2016


If you’ve ever chewed on tin foil, you know how annoying the company talk-aholic can be. We’ve all encountered this person. No level of nonverbal cues can deliver you to freedom. The talking continues. You’re trapped.

Place this verbose individual in a meeting, and you’re all trapped. Eyes will roll, productivity will plummet, and your agenda goes right out the window.

If ever a situation called for a bit of collective humor, this is it. We’ve got just the thing. The Harvard Business Review suggests throwing jellyfish. Figuratively, of course.

The jellyfish rule is simple: Before each meeting, let attendees know they’re collectively responsible for keeping discussions on track. If anyone goes off on a tangent, or monopolizes the oxygen supply for too long, the first person to notice should use the word jellyfish in a sentence. “I feel the sting of a jellyfish tentacle,” for instance. Or, “I hear jellyfish is a delicacy in Japan.” The funnier, the better.

The room will get a good chuckle – at nobody’s expense, we hasten to point out – and the group will be able to refocus on the task at hand. Behold, a polite and positive way to cut out the conversational cul-de-sacs. Satisfaction, thy name is jellyfish.

Soft interpersonal skills such as this can play a huge role in anyone’s professional success. Yet they are largely overlooked by most college curricula. Not here at Regis University. Thanks to our Jesuit roots, our approach focuses on developing your personal as well as your professional skills.

Curious what other good graces our professional programs might have in store for you? The sure way to find out is to connect with one of our admissions counselors. Or, simply start your application and you’ll be tossing jellyfish in no time.