March 07, 2016

Computer Science student working in a computer lab

For the past two years, has ranked Data Scientist as the #1 career in America. Based on salary, job openings and career prospects, it turns out being a data scientist is hotter than a sauna seat in July.

Most of it has to do with the fact that data scientists can help every type of business, regardless of category, product or scope. From cancer research to email open rates, every business worth their weight in bankable Bitcoins is trying to get on the big data bandwagon.

But just knowing how to acquire data isn’t the name of the game.

A data scientist brings imaginative thinking to an analytical world. They paint pictures of instinct, habit and humanity from zeroes and ones; all to help businesses extract usable nuggets of insight from numbers.

That’s where their value lies.

An effective data scientist must possess:

  • A solid background in research
  • An understanding of coding and programming
  • Some background in computer science, statistics or analytics
  • A life outside of the lab
  • The imagination to express findings in creative and digestible ways

It’s not merely being good with numbers. It’s about understanding people and how data can serve their needs. A great data scientist isn’t just looking at the world through the data window. They’re seeing insights and solutions that lie within the information. Handled with skill, extracted data can solve issues for individuals, organizations, and society at large.

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