February 25, 2016

There’s something in the water in Michigan and it’s causing a mighty stir.

Elevated levels of lead in the drinking water have left the residents of Flint, Michigan reeling. Leaked emails (no pun intended) reveal the government knew about the levels and failed to take action, potentially exposing Flint’s 9,000 children to dangerously high levels of lead for months. To literally add insult to injury, residents of Flint are still getting water bills.

While the president has declared a State of Emergency and summoned the National Guard to help, several charity organizations such as the Red Cross and Catholic Charities have arrived. Recently, a cavalcade of celebrities have also taken up the cause, delivering millions of bottles of drinking water to the people who need it.

As a Jesuit school, we talk a lot about learning, leading and teaching from an ethical perspective. What’s happening in Flint today is the perfect example of what happens when ethics take a backseat to the bottom line.

News of the tragedy in Flint serves to form a clear distinction between the two types of people in this world. Some folks are asking themselves, “I wonder what they’re going to do about it?”

Regis folks are asking themselves, “What can I do about it?”

Every single Regis program emanates from our Jesuit roots to provide our students with the drive to make a difference in their lives, in their communities, and in the world.

This is the place to ignite your spark, to act on your drive and to make a difference – whether you’re looking for a career in business, education, government or environmental science.

If ready to make a difference, you’re ready for Regis. Talk to admissions counselor or simply apply today.