November 23, 2016

For anyone whose unbridled enthusiasm has taken the form of answering all the questions or doing more than your share of work, take heart.

Many bear the burden of taking on extensive responsibilities, liking it, and then purposefully doing it again the next day. This behavior is long thought to be symptomatic of a condition, widely known as – leadership.

Yes, it’s true. You live to inspire others and improve the improvable. And we commend you.

But now what?

Perhaps you crave a greater platform to showcase your leadership talents. Or, maybe you need the extra credentials to step into the management title you’ve been contemplating and pursuing. No matter your goals, Regis University has just the ticket.

Our Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) offers a fresh perspective from a values-based, strategic lens. We’ll inspire you to command like Morgan Freeman in every movie he’s ever made, all while wearing a pant suit and listening to the soundtrack of Top Gun.

Now, while the previous paragraph may feel like hyperbole, there’s something to be said for our passion for leadership at Regis. Because we’re deeply rooted in the community, we listen to what businesses look for in a leader, and then we bring it to you. During your MSOL studies, you’ll learn how to identify and perfect those already existing leadership qualities to ethically cultivate culture and excellence for your team. And to take it a step further, we offer a few different specializations within the MSOL so you may focus your studies to meet your own unique professional and personal goals.

We know you’ve probably already printed this off and had it laminated, but if you like, feel free to learn more and apply. Classes start January 17, 2017 – there’s still time to apply.