November 23, 2016

Baby squirrel crossing the road, I wonder. What does the universe have in store for you? The soft furry embrace of your family on the other side, I hope.

Baby squirrel crossing the road, I wonder. How is it possible that all the world’s frailty and all the world’s strength cross with you?

Baby squirrel crossing the road with all your tiny might, I can’t help but wonder. Who’s looking over you? Perhaps the same universal benevolence that shepherds me. I hope.

Baby squirrel crossing the road, three lucky seconds ahead of my tire. I wonder, is it luck? Or is it a plan? Can I become as one with that plan through prayer?

Baby squirrel, hear my prayer, and take it to the other side of the road with you. The force that delivers you is the force that delivers us all.

Baby squirrel, I wander at times. But you help to reaffirm my faith.

Thank you baby squirrel. Be safe.

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