November 23, 2016

A pair of Regis graduates explore abandoned ski areas in new film.

Contemplate, if you will, the “Close Door” button on an elevator. Has any elevator anywhere ever hastened to close its doors in response to this button? No, it hasn’t. The “Close Door” button isn’t attached to anything, except to the pusher’s nerves, which are temporarily satisfied. The button has no positive effect on your upward mobility.

By contrast, here at Regis we offer three master’s programs that are the exact opposite of that useless button, according to Forbes’ list of the Best Master’s Degrees for Jobs in 2016:

1.  Organizational Development – do you aspire to improve the improvable, again and again? A Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) puts you on the fast-track to a leading role fostering talent within any organization. With extremely high marks for job satisfaction, you’re likely to find yourself in a cheerful mood as you help others brighten their own futures.

2.  Master of Business Administration (MBA) – ah, the mighty corner office. The proverbial “top of the mountain” in the business realm. If you aspire to get here – and want to build on the depth that a specialization in finance, marketing or operations management will add to your repertoire – an MBA will support your mission. With mid-career pay marks hitting six figures, you’ll feel a nice reward in your paycheck, too.

3.  Software Engineering – smart cars, smart homes, smart cities – they’re all interconnected by smart people that are hard at work designing the future. Software engineers report high levels of job satisfaction, combined with low levels of stress, making this a perfectly logical choice for any of you looking to take your development career to new heights.

You see, the master’s degrees you’ll earn at Regis University tend to have the effect of opening doors of opportunity. Instead of giving you that Baby Ruth floating in a public pool feeling.

When you’re ready to pursue a program connected to the outcome you desire, contact a helpful admissions counselor. They’ll put you in touch with the program that matches your ambition – and a brighter future.