August 21, 2017

As soon as you pull the knife out of the electrical socket, it hits you: There are some things in life you should only do once.

Conversely, there are other things you should do often and repeatedly. Riding in a convertible on a summer day, for instance. Sharing gifs of puggles to the point of recklessness. Or if you’re wired like a systems engineer, finding every opportunity to keep your mind sharper than a tack.

When you have a career in systems engineering, learning is second nature. That’s for good reason – the pace of change in your field is astounding and the value you’re expected to deliver is significant. You’re on the hook to integrate new technology with legacy systems, develop custom applications and coordinate IT projects within your organization.

If you figured all that to be worthy of a hefty six-figure paycheck, you’d be correct.

One avenue to prepare yourself for the rigor and reward: Regis University's Master of Science in Enterprise Systems Engineering program. It’s designed to equip programmers, developers, engineers and the like to move into senior IT positions. You’ll get the experience and knowledge to take on senior technical lead and architecture roles. And, with a title like that, you’ll have that warm-summer-breeze-in-your-hair feeling every time you step into the office.

Our M.S. in Enterprise Systems Engineering program is one of only a few that doesn’t require an engineering background. So with your technical skillset, you’re already a prime candidate. How about filling out your application? Or reach out to one of our friendly admissions counselors to get your questions answered in a timely fashion.