August 29, 2016

You can cure boredom. Treat with a healthy dose of internet, repeat as necessary. You can also cure a hangover, the blues, sunburn, insomnia, stage fright and the hiccups. But you can’t cure foolishness…or can you?

Humans can be quite foolish at times. Happily, we believe there’s a treatment for the witlessness that occasionally surrounds us. That cure is called education, and if you’d like to be on the front lines, become a teacher.

Impassioned teachers are the first defense in combating ignorance, wickedness and the fear of the unknown. It’s common knowledge that the surest way to open minds is through someone who speaks to a particular subject with unabashed love and enthusiasm. While today's job market is flooded in MBA’s, management, marketing and PR degrees, there still remains a massive need for impassioned teachers; right here in Colorado.

To celebrate those who’ve dedicated their lives to inspiring students to think critically and chase what they love, Regis University is hosting an event for current Colorado teachers, paraprofessionals and those interested in teaching.

Teacher’s Night Out
Thursday, September 29
ViewHouse Centennial
701 South Clinton St.
Centennial, CO 80122
3:30 – 6:30 p.m.

If you’re interested in making a difference in the lives of students, Teacher’s Night Out is the perfect opportunity to explore that passion further. Here’s your chance to shape the minds of a generation of young thinkers and help them see the lighter, brighter side of life. If you’re wondering how a degree, certificate, initial licensure or added endorsement in education can help, speak to an admissions counselor. They have all the information to help you help us help the next generation of thinkers, doers and dreamers.