August 29, 2016

Sometimes, super heroes wear comfy sweats. At least that’s the case with Regis University’s online learners.

We’ll help you identify and act upon what matters most to you in this wide world. Thanks to the digital amazement of our times, it can all happen from the comfort of your living room.

Now, earning an advanced degree that can help you change the world no longer involves packing, unpacking, commuting or any other pesky little life disruption.

With an online education, you can further your career track with the flexibility, convenience and comfort that your busy self deserves. In fact, you can do all this in bunny slippers, if you so choose.

Because wherever you go, an excellent education can follow.

Benefits of online learning include:

  • Earning an advanced degree without interrupting your life
  • Turning any room in your home into your classroom
  • The same level of professorial attention our on-campus students enjoy

Regis University has been a pioneer of online education. Our flexible schedules and multiple start dates can make earning your degree as comfortable as the proverbial well-worn jeans.

But enough comfy clothing analogies. Classes start October 17 for most of our online programs. So talk to an admissions counselor today. They’re here to help you navigate your path back to school – comfortably.