April 14, 2017

Pharmacists are active problem solvers. Yet most pharmacy schools ask students to passively absorb lectures. Who could blame students for counting ceiling tiles? Happily, students of Regis University’s Doctor of Pharmacy program don’t have that problem.

Our panacea? Team Based Learning, or TBL. It’s anything but passive. In fact, it’s more like a real-world pharmaceutical setting than it is a classroom. It’s also oddly fun to say: TBL, TBL, TBL!

This approach will see you rolling up your proverbial sleeves to take part in labs and patient simulations. You’ll work with five or six other people as part of a team, actively collaborating to apply knowledge and complete tasks. You’ll be using pharmaceutical concepts in real-life problem solving situations, so guess where that leaves you when you graduate?

Approximately ten steps ahead of other candidates. While your contemporaries struggle to apply what they’ve learned, you’ll have already been there, and prospective employers will know it. Regis University School of Pharmacy’s integrated TBL approach is widely recognized for its groundbreaking ability to produce highly prepared pharmacy professionals.

If you’re in need of a gentle nudge, we have a team for that too. Speak to one of our admissions counselors who’ll be happy to outline all the advantages of our Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Go team!