August 21, 2017

A week devoted to making the world a better place? Count us in.

At Regis University, practicing daily kindness is one of the many values we represent through the Jesuit tradition. Our purpose, not just in Denver, but among the 28 other Jesuit universities in the U.S., is to educate in the name of collective compassion, inspiring students to inquire within themselves so they may serve outwardly. So when we heard that August 25-31 was Be Kind to Humankind week, we felt it fitting to show our support. And, you know… the nice thing to do.

During this global celebration, reflection and appreciation are central. We take seven days to consider specific ways to close out of our egos and Instagram feeds, and cultivate thoughtful and generous actions. But we know what you’re thinking – and no, this does not mean on the eighth day you can saunter into the breakroom and slap the coffee out of Susan’s hand for no reason. Kindness (obviously) exists beyond this week and, at Regis, we’re happy to show our love 24/7, 365.

So if you’re down with getting your benevolence on, the following is a global list of what will be happening on August 25-31:
  • Motorist Consideration Monday: Drive Courteously
  • Touch-A-Heart Tuesday: Spread kindness, one heart at a time
  • Willing-To-Lend-A-Hand Wednesday: Offer a helping hand
  • Thoughtful Thursday: Treat others well
  • Forgive Your Foe Friday: Come together
  • Speak Kind Words Saturday: Say something nice
  • Sacrifice Our Wants For Other’s Needs Sunday: Show them that you care
Want to know why we believe kindness is so darn important? Read about our Jesuit mission here. Or even better, talk to a Regis admissions counselor

Now, go forth. And hug.