December 19, 2017

We’ve all seen it. That one coworker that’s had a little too much “punch” at the holiday party.

By 8 p.m., the tie is undone or there’s an unfortunate run in the stockings. By 9 p.m., they’ve belted their best karaoke rendition of “Kiss from a Rose,” only to then overshare their family and political frustrations while unassumingly hitting on the CEO’s date. After weeping at a banquet table for what seems to be (at least) 45 minutes, they finally stumble toward their Lyft ride with, not one, but two dinner rolls in their purse and/or pants.

While others see this moment as water cooler gossip, as a human resources professional, you see more:  A Title IX, perhaps. An inspiration to rewrite the “office party rules” section of our conduct and procedures manual. Or simply, a conversation to be had on Monday.

Trust us when we say -- we need you.

Now all you require is the guidance to put your invaluable strengths of responsibility, critical thinking and analytics into action. Well dears, we have the perfect fit.

At Regis University, our Master of Science in Human Resource Management program is an intensive, accelerated and integrated learning experience that will enable you to become a strategic HR leader. The program focuses on the qualitative issues of human resource management, preparing you to work within in any organizational framework such as ethical conduct, legal and regulatory guidelines, performance metrics, socially responsible leadership in a global environment, and communication with stakeholders.

Though your career in HR Management will most likely involve more than metaphorically taking lampshades off of colleagues’ heads, your earnestness will be much appreciated.

To learn more, click here or talk to an admissions counselor. Classes begin in January.