February 01, 2017

Nurses, we like to think, are generally thought of as angels in Crocs®. Knowledgeable beyond belief, and bedside at the best and lowest moments of our physical and mental health. Yet, with care advancements, policy changes and an aging workforce, we’re experiencing a skills gap of leaders, prepared with a very specific set of skills, to help guide the up-and-coming generations of nurses.

Simply put, Regis University solved that problem. We noticed a trend that, as hospitals seek to fill positions in the next few years, nursing leadership will be one of the most important (and vacant) roles. Armed with a Master of Science in Nursing Leadership with a management or education focus, you can put yourself first in line to fill one.

We’d like you to keep in mind, however, that scoring a management position at a hospital doesn’t just mean you get to pick the freshest fruit cup. You’ll be influencing and inspiring the hospital system, holistically. If you’re an RN with a bachelor’s degree, AND the gumption to, quite literally, change the health and care methods of your community – we’re talking to you. Actually, we’re not just talking. We’re jumping up and down, shouting “We need you!” more than ever.

Depending on your chosen focus, here’s a peek at some of the invaluable skills you’d graduate with:

  • Superior knowledge of clinical practice, delivery models, health care economics, policy, governance, evidence-based practice, safety, risk management and quality improvement
  • Leadership, including foundational and systems thinking, succession planning and change management
  • Professionalism, including accountability, career planning, ethics and advocacy
  • Business skills such as marketing, finances and strategic management
  • Advanced nursing practice leadership and theories
  • Ethics for nursing leaders
  • Health care organizations and systems leadership
  • Advanced financial management practices

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