February 01, 2017

If you’ve ever felt the soft glow of artificial lighting from within a cubicle, surely you’re familiar with this oft-repeated, jargon-y sounding phrase: “competitive advantage.” 

As ubiquitous to the business world as coffee and whiteboards, having and owning a competitive advantage is of obvious importance to companies big and small.

Naturally, finding your own competitive advantage should be of obvious importance to you, too. Let us elaborate.

It’s become standard fare to change jobs four times by the age of 32. All that job-hopping means more competition for open roles. Which means you need to really make yourself stand apart. Identifying what makes you better – what your advantage is – is critical whether you’re changing roles or moving into a leadership position.

When adversity strikes, the business world needs leaders who can rise to the occasion. The ability to confront uncertainty, head on, could very well be perceived as a characteristic that puts you head and shoulders above your peers. Dare we say, competitive advantage found?

One way to acquire such an advantage is via education. Learning to think critically, perform creatively and act ethically are tools that’ll never be obsolete. Coupled with a solid business foundation, it’s the perfect way to prepare to become a leader in any future, no matter how uncertain. With a background like that, you’ll be prepared to transform your career and take action for the greater good.

At Regis University, we like to think of our Master in Business Administration (MBA) as preparation for a to-do list that hasn’t been written yet. The blueprints to overcome hurdles and obstacles that’ll undoubtedly present themselves in your future. Choose among five areas of specialization to give your competitive advantage an even larger boost.

Ready to see how an MBA can help your career? Talk to one of our helpful admissions counselors or, better yet, start your application today to stay ahead of the curve.