June 20, 2017

Like the far-reaching nature to our west, always waiting to be explored, Regis University is alive with opportunity. Just think, briefly, about the invaluable moments in your life you may have missed, simply because you didn’t take a chance and tap into the potential. Friends, a partner, your community, even your favorite foods. You found these joys by digging in, discovering what’s important, and contemplating your purpose in life.

At Regis, we recently opened the College of Business and Economics’ Innovation Center, which supports values like creative thinking, critical analysis, self-awareness, ingenuity and emotional intelligence – to name a few. Here, students are free to participate in design thinking workshops, course proposals, live speaking events and much more.

Take for example, Regis student entrepreneurs like Paul Hunter, a junior and CEO of Repurpose Bowties, LLC., who turns used material, clothing and other textiles into one-of-a-kind bowties. His socially conscious design and production has turned several heads, even earning him an invite to the national Emmy’s (yes, that Emmy’s) to showcase his creations in gift bags for celebrities. The Innovation Center is sponsoring him on this journey and continues to nurture his growth and success.

The College of Business and Economics’ Innovation Center is just one of Regis’s many platforms that encourage students to follow their passion in service to others. To find out more, take another chance -- and tap in.

Join us Wednesday, 5:30 p.m., June 21, at Uncorked Kitchen for Tap into Regis. An event designed for like-minded people who want to know more about graduate programs and what exactly Regis has to offer. To learn more and register, click here.