Imagine meeting someone for the first time and before you’ve even sorted out the proper pronunciation of their name, they know more about what’s going on with you than your mother, best buddy or hair-dresser.

They know about your family history, that embarrassing trip to the emergency room, your recent blood work and a lot more.

It’s as though they’ve peered straight through your eyes and into your soul, or maybe just dug through your trash. It’d be completely unnerving, except that person is a qualified medical professional utilizing the latest medical record technology.

Suddenly that unsettlingly particular knowledge of deeply private details feels less like an invasion of privacy, and more like a turbo-powered version of doctor-patient confidentiality.

Is your interest peaked? Want to break into the in-demand field of health information management?

You don’t have to be a doctor or nurse to be a critical part of this cutting edge, and yes, even life-saving technology. With a Health Information Management degree, you could quickly become a leader in this emerging field.

Impressively, jobs for medical records and health information technicians are expected to grow by 15 percent through 2024.*

Regis University's Health Information Management programs prepare students for the demands of this constantly evolving health care field, and it’s offered entirely online.

The flexible online format makes it easy to attend class from anywhere while you continue to work. It’s designed for current health care professionals looking to expand their knowledge of systems planning and implementation, workflow design, security management and electronic health information management.

Certainly, we have all the technical stuff covered. But we don’t want to merely get you a job, we want you to become a leader in your field. That’s why the program also includes project management, leadership development and ethics all taught from a health care perspective.

Want a little more information on health information management? Regis offers both a B.S in HIM, and an M.S. in HIIM as well as certificate options. Or if you’re already sold on this highly in-demand career path, feel free to skip ahead and apply here.

* Source: Bureau of Labor and Statistics.