November 17, 2017

Meet three teachers whose love for the classroom couldn’t be standardized. 

What’s it like to be an educator in Colorado these days? It’s the most rewarding profession known to man or woman, if you ask a few “Teacher of the Year” finalists.

In celebration of American Education Week (November 13 – 17, 2017), here are three teachers whose passion and unique classroom style could not be overshadowed by any standardized requirement, to the sheer joy of their students:

Jodi Simpson makes learning fun and irresistible. She uses music to teach vocabulary and even let her students create the Classroom Agreement that hangs on the wall. 

Melanie Holts gets high praise from some very demanding critics – her second grade students. She describes the challenge of creating daily interest and engagement as, “Just doing what I love.”

Sean Wybrant says he became a teacher to change the world. In addition to sponsoring a musical performance club and a technology club for girls, he regularly brings virtual reality and robotics into the classroom.

It’s tempting to say these teachers’ students are lucky to have them. Truth be told, every child in every school deserves nothing less than these inspiring examples. Their abiding love for teaching is woven deep into their personal fiber and they bring that passion to the classroom every day.

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