October 19, 2017

October is Anything but a Pill

When you think about celebrations in the month of October, our minds float to rowdy days at Oktoberfest and whimsical evenings of pumpkins and Halloween. However, there is another cause for three cheers, and should be directed to those in white coats.

October is American Pharmacists Month. Thirty-one days devoted to recognizing your pharmacy staff for advancing patient care and strengthening the wellbeing of our communities.

In honor of this spotlight, we asked Captain Kelly Eanes, who returned from deployment in Iraq, to share her story of finding a fresh new pharmacy career amidst her exasperating job dissatisfaction.

“I was frustrated,” said Eanes. “I had a job that paid a lot of money. But I needed something where I could get home and feel satisfied that I’d done something of value.”

Ever helpful, Kelly suggested three steps to steer your fortunes in a more positive direction: 

●     Talk to everyone you meet to find people who love what they do. Can you see yourself doing something similar?

●     Don’t make a rash decision about your future. Take time to figure out what appeals to you and will satisfy you at the end of the day.

●     Change can be difficult, but the simple act of asking for support means you’ll never have to go it alone.

Kelly Eanes found support at Regis University’s Doctor of Pharmacy program, where faculty challenged her and her peers to work together to solve challenging, real-life problems. A class of 2016 graduate, she’s gone on to a rewarding career practicing medicine and serving patients on her own terms.

In the month of October and beyond, if you find yourself curious about a furthering your career in pharmacy, simply reach out to one of our admissions counselors. They’re here to help you find a meaningful path.