April 24, 2018

You can take a nurse out of scrubs, but they just won’t stop trying to heal. Retired nurses can’t help themselves – you’ll find them substituting as school nurses, staffing flu shot clinics, they’ve even been caught bandaging bruised produce in the grocery store.

The number of retirees is growing rapidly – nearly 700,000 nurses are projected to leave the workforce by 2024. Which is a big number, particularly since total employment of RNs and APRNs will increase by a mere 574,400 jobs during the same period. Simple math proves that we’re in store for a shortage.

What’s another word for shortage? Ah, yes. Opportunity.

If you’re thinking about earning your nursing credentials, or considering a move into the field, there’s absolutely no time better than the present. You see, you’ve found yourself in the extremely enviable position of being in high demand - which might make your lawyer friends jealous. (Try not to rub it in too much, they get litigious fast.)

If this opportunity sounds more appealing than the gravitational pull of your couch, might we suggest joining Regis University at our next rendition of Nursing Night Out? It’s an evening designed for nurses and aspiring nurses alike, complete with food, beverages and Regis’ nursing faculty who will be on hand to answer your education questions.

Join Regis at Comida at The Source on Wednesday, May 9th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Here’s your way to RSVP: nursingnightout.com. Or if you just can’t wait that long, start your application or reach out to one of our admissions counselors today.