August 21, 2018

Driving with view of mountains out front window

Be honest for a second. Have you ever sat in your car, in the parking lot where you work, contemplating whether you had the strength to endure another day?

“How did I end up here?” you think.

Your mind begins to wander as you ponder where, exactly, your passions went.

“I used to be somebody,” you whisper to yourself as you strum along on air guitar to “Change the World” by Eric Clapton. And as a single tear begins to fall down your quivering cheek, it takes everything in your power not to throw the car into high gear and drive south until you hit the beach at Zihuatenejo.

Ok, ok, let’s everybody calm down now. Because really, it’s very common to remain at a job merely to earn that cheddar. There’s no shame in this, and it’s certainly not uncommon. A recent Gallup poll reported that only one-third of employees are actually engaged in their job, and 51 percent are looking for a new career.

So, though you may fit in statistically – is that good enough for you?

At Regis University, we believe there’s incredible value in doing something meaningful and (dare we say it?) downright enjoyable with our lives. Loving our jobs AND making a living – Amen, folks. 

So where to start? Well, at Regis we also believe that talking passions pairs well with a cold draft. If you agree (high-five!), perhaps you’d like to join us for one of our two Tap into Regis events on September 18 in RiNo, or September 26 in the DTC. We’ll be discussing our graduate programs, as we clink glasses and make new friends.

As a thank you for attending, you’ll receive an application fee waiver and be considered for one of two $1,000 graduate program scholarships. Isn’t that refreshing?

Whether you’re hoping to completely change career paths or finally get that promotion, filling a glass with foamy goodness, surrounded by supportive intellectuals, is a great place to start.

Bring your air guitar. We’ll see you there.

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