December 18, 2018

Medical Clipboards

Like cooking bacon in a sleeveless shirt, life is full of decisions that could benefit from a bit of foresight.

In the spirit of enabling sound decisions, we hereby present you with this insightful morsel: Jobs in the administrative side of health care are expected to grow by an impressive 20 percent through 2026.

Ah, the fresh scent of opportunity. Better to act on it quickly, as few things linger forever.

Consider this your chance to release your inner leader. The hour is nigh to lay the groundwork for a promising career in health care. Managing the business aspects of a hospital, nursing home or physician’s office are roles where true leaders shine. They supervise others, make decisions that can improve operational and financial efficiencies, and contribute to the overall quality of care. In such a role, you won’t merely be a boss; you’ll be a boss in the business of saving lives. Could there ever be a better kind of boss than that? We didn’t think so.

Your route to such a career could take a variety of twists and turns. Luckily for you, Regis University has options to make your path a little more linear, like our M.S. in Health Services Administration or M.S. in Health Informatics. They’ll help you with the skills needed to kick start your health leadership career or take your current role to the highest of heights.

Questions? Our friendly admissions counselors are more than happy to help – drop them a line here. If you’re eager to hit a big, shiny apply button to get this party started, by all means, do so right here

Now stand back from that frying pan.

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