January 23, 2018

There are at least two times in life when you need to be brutally honest with yourself.

The first is when you think you might want a hairless cat. No offense to these friendly little creatures, but is that really something you’d like to gaze upon day after day, year after year? Even if you can, perhaps consider the appetites of your future dinner guests.

The second instance is when you’re considering what to do with the waking hours of your life. This moment comes with its own set of important questions. What are you good at? What are you deeply passionate about? How can you combine the two in a fulfilling way that seldom causes you to murmur, “TGIF?”

These aren’t easy questions. In fact, most people who answer them successfully take years to do so. So if you need to walk away from this article and read the rest of it five years from now, that would actually make some sense.

Once you have a good idea of your desired direction, however, we’d like to add another question: How will you get there?

Let’s first explore all the options that don’t include advancing your education. Oh wait, there’s only one: nepotism. Even to the handful of people for whom this remains a viable option, it isn’t a good one. Attaining a position without really deserving it seldom leads to success or satisfaction. (But enjoy those nasty looks from coworkers.)

Let us then consider the true answer: Advancing your education. As luck would have it, Regis University is in the regular habit of helping people just like you embark on new career paths and shape promising futures. Whether you are looking to finish your bachelor’s degree, begin your master’s degree or pursue a specialized certificate, our programs take an approach you won’t find everywhere else. Jesuit education is about intellectual rigor, being challenged to do more and be more, thinking of people and problems beyond yourself, and trying to be part of the solution toward a more just world. 

So when hashing out your resolutions for 2018, tell us what moves you and we’ll help you hone the skills for a more fulfilling career. One little click and you’ll be exploring options such as Health Care, Computer & Information Sciences, Business & Management, Environmental Biology, Education, plus Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Soon you’ll discover that there’s a path waiting to be explored and a future ready to be written. (In beautiful cursive writing, no less.)

In the interest of making your first step as easy as possible, our admissions counselors can get you started right here. And if the digital path feels right to you, then the happy productive clicking begins right here