January 23, 2018

“Oh look. Hummus.”

Is usually what you find yourself saying as you awkwardly trail off toward the snack table. 

It’s time for another Super Bowl. Which means another Super Bowl party. And garish discussions about yardages and downs. It’s your responsibility, however, to hold your plate of charcuterie high with pride as you nod and pretend you have the slightest understanding of the three-man rush.

Still, you can’t peel yourself away from the television. But why?

We know your secret – you love the commercials.

That’s right. You know it. The guy 10-beers-deep on the couch knows it too. It’s time to own it and shout it from the rooftops-

“I enjoy good marketing!”

You’ve probably always noticed billboards and magazine ads more than your friends. Maybe you find yourself wondering what exactly it takes to catch the eye and mind of an audience. You appreciate great advertising. So I challenge you with this…

Have you thought about making marketing a serious part of your future?

At Regis University, our Bachelor of Science in Marketing will put your imaginative energy to work as you explore the proven practices and applications of both strategic leadership and creative vision.

You’ll delight in the intricacies of market research, strategy, sales, advertising, promotions, brand management and public relations. Business communication techniques will become second nature while you refine the competitive skills most coveted in the marketing world. 

When it’s all said and done, you will have a skillset based in the ethical practice of marketing in corporate, small business and nonprofit organizations, with a blend of marketing theory – so you know you’ll kill it in any interview.

Already have your undergrad? Your MBA in Marketing awaits.

Whether online or in class, this degree also allows you to draw upon previous experience and apply it to your studies. Because we get it – your noggin is a goldmine. So show us what you got.

For more info and to apply, call 1.800.944.7667 or apply now. And kindly wipe the cheese dip off your finger before you touch your keyboard. Don’t be foul.