January 23, 2018

If you own winter “gear” – this one’s for you.

If you’ve ever felt icicles form inside your nose – this one’s for you.

If you’ve ever grabbed a wood-chopping ax out of your dog sled – this one’s definitely for you.

It’s for the cold, the tired, the snow-tire-having warriors that commute in the icy tundra, night and day.

We salute you.

(If you’re in Scottsdale right now, you may keep reading. But take that scarf off, you look ridiculous.)

So, what exactly are we offering? Just a simple reminder that when you choose to take classes online, you don’t have to fight the weather. Regis University offers a variety of online programs that give you the flexibility to study wherever is most convenient (and warm). On a couch, in a coffee shop, while marinating in a hot tub, we won’t judge. Our online curriculum allows you to read, conduct research and interact with your facilitator and other students, worldwide.

Thus – for you in the snowflake onesie under that heated blanket – don’t get up. We wouldn’t want you to spill your French press on your tablet. Get comfy, enjoy the wintery view, and keep on your path toward earning a degree.

To learn more about online learning at Regis University call 1.800.944.7667 or click here. We’re here to help. Classes start soon.